We're Different

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It isn’t every day that staff plead with a doctor to open her own practice, insisting her approach to patient care is different and that they want to be a part of it, but that’s what happened with Dr. Carole.  And that’s how MCFWH was started.  The nursing staff she worked for at a leading medical center recognized that she had a unique gift in her approach to patient care and they wanted to work exclusively with her.  So Dr. Carole went from being a leading, reproductive endocrinologist in Michigan, to being an entrepreneur, successful businesswoman and one of the most sought after fertility doctors in Michigan.  To learn more about Dr. Carole’s hands-on approach to patient care read What Patients Say.

Mind & Body

Another thing that sets her practice apart from others is that she enhances leading-edge medical treatment by also offering mind and body care that treats the emotional side of infertility.  There is no getting around the fact that infertility can be stressful, and so at our center, we make sure that we also support you emotionally.  All IVF and IUI services include mind and body treatment options like stress counseling, therapeutic massage, reflexology and soon we will be reintroducing acupuncture.  This wonderful balance of care is part of what sets MCFWH apart from others and has helped thousands of patients become parents.  Call us to see how we can help you.

What is Fertility?

An Introduction by Dr. Carole Kowalczyk