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Ashley Carden, Licensed Massage Therapist

age Therapist

Massage therapy may help increase circulation, and aids your lymphatic and nervous system. Massage therapy not only improves your physical well-being, but your mental and emotional state as well. Sessions with Ashley will leave you feeling relaxed and vitalized. Destressing can help improve your immunity and allow your body to focus on your treatment plan.  

We recommend coming in for a massage every two weeks for the duration of your treatment. Once cleared with your OB/GYN, continue with monthly maintenance once you enter the first trimester to help your body adjust to blood flow, weight, and hormones.  

Massages we offer: Swedish (relaxation), Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, and Prenatal/Postnatal. 

You can contact each of our providers directlyfor more information and scheduling.Services provided at 4700 Thirteen Mile Rd., Warren,Michigan 48092

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Rhonda Sousley, Ph. D.
Laser Acupuncture

Rhonda Sousley, Ph. D.

Acupuncture has been used to improve pregnancy rates abroad for centuries. In Harmony is pleased to offer a painless, non-invasive, and effective laser light acupuncture, where light is used to stimulate acupuncture points. Your acupuncture sessions will help to improve pelvic blood flow and may help to improve egg quality. 

For obtaining best results the following acupuncture sessions for IVF are recommended:

  • Beginning of stimulation cycle
  • 5-7 days prior to embryo transfer
  • Within 24 hours prior to transfer
  • 3-7 days after transfer

For best results, the following acupuncture sessions are recommended for IUI:

  • Cycle day (CD) 5-7
  • Within 24 hours prior to or after IUI
  • Approximately 7 days post IUI
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