Understanding Male Infertility

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Understanding Male Infertility

It’s important for men to know that infertility is common. 1 out of 8 couples experience it. And it’s important to understand that infertility is a couple diagnosis. It is hard to separate men from their partners.

According to Dr. Jim Dupree, a board-certified urologist in male fertility and reproductive health, there is an increase in male infertility. A recent study done on sperm count worldwide shows that there has been a decline in the past few decades. The reasons for this could be lifestyle – obesity is associated with lower sperm count, so is smoking pot and cigarettes, or spending significant time in a hot tub. It could be environmental, like a toxin. Or it could be that more couples choose to start a family later in life.

Treating male infertility successfully means uncovering the cause. This can be done through blood tests, an exam, understanding if there are blockages and then finding the treatment option that will work best for the couple.

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